Student Visa Services

VisaWorld has a successful record in working with students and offers comprehensive student visa services. Prior to applying for the visa, we assist students with information on the many factors that could influence the choice of course and visa type. 

We help students to:

  • understand the Education System and the guidelines for International students
  • evaluate the available choices in terms of professional courses vis-à-vis long-term career goals
  • assess the courses that offer pathways to temporary and permanent residence in Australia, New Zealand & Canada
  • analyse the cost implications for both education and living in Australia, New Zealand & Canada
  • identify employment opportunities specific to the course selected

We also educate our student-customers in:

  • legislation regarding part-time employment opportunities
  • post-qualification career opportunities available for the course of their choice
  • As the migration laws are subject to constant changes, please contact us for a detailed discussion about your requirements or click here to complete a suitable Assessment Form

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