Tribunal and Court Appeal Services

Negative outcomes of an onshore or sponsored visa application can be challenged in tribunals or a federal court. We represent clients at tribunals, prepare ministerial intervention appeals, and facilitate and supervise solicitors for matters under review at the federal court.

The options for appealing to a tribunal or court are:

  • Migration Review Tribunal (MRT)
  • A rejected visa application can be appealed in a migration review tribunal.
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) 
  • The Administrative Appeals Tribunal reviews administrative decisions made by a range of Australian authorities.
  • Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT)
  • The Refugee Review Tribunal reviews decisions made in protection or refugee visa applications.
  • Federal Court 
  • An appeal to the federal court is the next step if an appeal to the Migration Review or Administrative Appeals Tribunals has been unsuccessful.
  • Ministerial Intervention 
  • Migration Law empowers the Minister for Immigration and to revoke a negative decision and replace it with a more favourable one on compassionate grounds, and/or if it is in the general interest of the Australian community. Ministerial intervention can be invoked if appeals to all other tribunals and courts have failed

As the migration laws are subject to constant changes, please contact us for a detailed discussion about your requirements or click hereto complete a suitable Assessment Form.. 

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